Exposing the hidden world of the Dark Web

Welcome to the Dark side …..of the Web !

In the depths of the dark web so profound,
Where the sun doesn't shine, nor a bird makes a sound.
The secrets that lie, the mysteries untold,
A world unknown to the bold.

Where the curious come to explore,
The dangers they'll face, they must ignore.
A labyrinth of secrets, a maze to traverse,
In search of what they crave and deserve.

The information they seek, they hope to find,
But at what cost to their mind?
For the price of admission is steep,
And the dangers lurking, they cannot keep.

So you have stumbled upon the mysterious and often feared corner of the internet known as the dark web . Don't worry, it is not as scary as it sounds . In fact , its like any other part of the internet , just a little darker , more mysterious and dangerous . But hey , who doesn't love a good adventure every now and then ? 

So lets dive in, Shall we ? But first , a word of caution : be sure to pack your digital equivalent of Lightsaber , because things can get pretty dicey down here. Always  remember , don't trust anyone you meet down there ( unless they have really funny cat picture , then its probably okay ) . 

Happy exploring !!

What is DARK WEB ?

The dark web is a hidden part of world wide web that can only be accessed using a special browser known as Tor . Dark websites don't appear in the search results when you look for them in a search engine , so you need to know the exact address of the website you want to  visit . 
This part of the internet can be described as "dangerous". The widely known stereotype is that the dark web is where all sorts of shady things happen , from dealing illegal drugs to hiring hitmen . While there are definitely dangers lurking in the dark web , it's also home to more then just illegal marketplaces .
The dark web can be safe place for journalist and whistleblowers to communicate freely .Citizens from countries with strict internet regulations can also use the dark web openly without worrying about internet censorship .

  • Protection from surveillance: The Dark Web offers protection from government and corporate surveillance, which can be beneficial for individuals who live in countries with restrictive censorship policies.
  • Access to illegal goods and services: The Dark Web provides access to illegal goods and services, such as illicit drugs, stolen data, and counterfeit money, which may not be available through traditional channels.

  • Illegal activity: The Dark Web is often associated with illegal activity, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, and hacking.
  • Security risks: The Dark Web can be a dangerous place, as users are often targeted by scammers and hackers who exploit vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Technical knowledge required: Using the Dark Web requires a certain level of technical knowledge, such as how to use Tor and how to stay safe online, which can be a barrier to entry for many people.
  • Lack of reliability: The Dark Web can be unreliable, as there is no guarantee that goods and services will be delivered as promised, or that transactions will be completed safely and securely. 

How to access to Dark Web Safely 

To access  the vast majority of dark web , you 'll need Tor . Tor is a network of volunteer relays through which the user's internet connection is routed . The connection is encrypted and all the traffic bounces between relays located around world , making the user anonymous .

Get Tor Browser :   

The easiest  way to access Tor is through the Tor Browser . You can download and install it for free . You might want to hide  your Tor browser download using a VPN and your existing browser's incognito mode . 

Use a VPN

Internet providers and websites can detect when Tor is being used because Tor node IPs are public . Although websites cant identify you and ISPs can't decrypt your internet traffic , they can see that can see that Tor is being used . This can raise suspicions and draw unwanted attention .

Navigating the dark net  : 

Now that you Tor , you can access the dark web . Dark net websites are called "Tor hidden services" , and they can be distinguished from normal website by their URLs . Instead of ".com" or ".org" , dark web addresses can be distinguished by the top-level domain ".onion"

Conclusion : 

In conclusion, the dark web is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get. From illegal black market to hidden forums, the dark web can be a wild and scary place . But, just like Forrest Gump's famous quote, sometimes the darkest of places can offer a little sweetness. Whether you're looking for a little bit of privacy or just trying to explore the unknown, just remember to tread lightly and be careful what you click on. Who knows you may just stumble upon virtual treasure trove of memes and cat videos  .